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Counterflow Low Fouling Fill
Counterflow Low Fouling Fill

Counterflow Low Fouling Fill


Low-Fouling PVC Fill, 1' X 1' X 6', 10 Mil
Vertical- flute 0.75"size 10 mil sheets glued packs

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$62.53 Each

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Low Fouling Film Fill in Wood Cooling Tower Low Fouling Fill Film Installation With Cross Flute Diffusion Typical Low Fouling Fill Film Wood Tower Installation Installation of Low Fouling Fill Film in FRP Cooling Tower Low Fouling Fill Film in Large Wooden Cooling Tower

Surface Area Sheet Spacing Flute Angle Sheets per FT. Media Pack Sizes
Minimum Maximum Standard
47 ft2/ft3
(154 m2/m3)
19 mm 16 D: 11.8 in
(300 mm)
W: 6 in
(153 mm)
L: 1 ft
(305 mm)
D: 35.4 in
(900 mm)
W: 24 in
(610 mm)
L: 12 ft
(3660 mm)
D: 23.6 in (600 mm)
W: 12 in (305 mm) or
24 in (610 mm)
L: 4 ft (1220 mm),
6 ft (1829 mm),
8 ft (2439 mm). or
10 ft (3048 mm)